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Use situations if:

Coming across as uneducated. Bragging about material things to come across as more important than what you are. Trailer trash. Coined especially by the Jersey's Shore's Mike 'the Situation' who especially bombed in Dancing with the Stars, despite being prepared, and at Donald Trump's Roast where he clearely wasn't prepared and slurred racist remarks and zero jokes, substituting his Jersey Shore persona for humor.

Situations in Natural Language Semantics

You can take the guy out of the trailer in Jersey Shore but you can't take the trailer from Jersey Shore out of the guy. He's nothing but a situation. Hojo is such a situation, just look at the incredible disproportion he possesses.

The Positions and Situations Project: Back-to-the-Land Letters

A verb. To fail miserably.

To bomb something. To screw up. To think you're cool and just end up getting booed of the stage and realize you're not really that cool, at all.

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Some eyes in the park watched him while the police monitored the situation from several street corners. On recollecting myself, and examining my Situation , I found the Case clear.

Make a list of organized steps you can take to find your people.

How if he should take this means of informing Joseph of his present situation? No one can doubt it who knows the situation of the two countries, still less anyone who has read the correspondence. The boys waited for Mr. Temple to take the initiative, and he was sizing up the situation.

Situations with a Lot to Unpack

I'd radiate like mad; I'd complain about the situation at every crossroad, at every filling station, before every farmer. Content related to situation Intrusive vs.

After the tumult of the s counterculture, many young people were disillusioned with the political system, the Vietnam War, consumerism, and pollution and were looking for both a way out and an alternative. Many were seeking land and a community to test out the ideals and experiments they cultivated during the counterculture and hippie years.

From the late sixties through the mid seventies, one of the largest urban to rural migrations in American history occurred. Progressive minded twenty-somethings left the cities in droves for rural areas to start homesteads and join communes.

UNHCR - Operational Review of UNHCR's Engagement in Situations of Internal Displacement

Full names, addresses, and ages of the ad-placer are often listed, and Alex used that information to search for their current address on public records search sites. Her initial letter form to the ad-placers has evolved as her own situation has changed and as the project developed, but from the beginning, it has asked two questions: What came of the ad?

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